Therapists of the Month


Herbal medicine vs Conventional medicine

Herbal medicine is also known as herbalism that focuses on using the active ingredients in plants (like the roots, flowers, leaves, buds, seeds) to heal, soothe […]


“Superfoods” are a modern trend relating to highly nutritious, wholesome foods that are usually exotic or less commonly available. There are a vast choice of relevant […]

Plant based diet

Thinking of what a plant- based diet is seems self-explanatory but knowing what it involves is more intricate in detail. The diet contents and ingredients are […]

Akaline vs Acid Foods

Evidence has identified the importance of monitoring how many alkaline or acid foods are ingested. What are alkaline foods? These naturally sourced whole foods that are […]


A real vegetarian is one who only eats fruit, vegetables, pulses or seeds, and not meat or fish. Sometimes, this diet is in place out of […]

Gluten Intolerance

This blog will remove the mysticism behind gluten free, we will look at what gluten intolerance is and how gluten free products can stabilise those symptoms […]


There are many reasons to adopt a vegan diet, some understand the (health) benefits of a plant-based diet, or decide to make more ethical choices to […]

High Blood Pressure

In the modern world, where many live constantly in stressful situations relating to factors such as neglected health and wellbeing, chaotic domestic/home environments, jobs and relationships, […]


Diabetes is a health condition that causes blood glucose levels to be unstable and is dangerous if it is too high. The source of this blood […]

Food and Moods

There’s a saying that “your body is a temple” that is often used as a metaphor to be thankful, grateful and treat own body with respect […]

Autoimmune Diseases 2

In this blog we continue to look at autoimmune diseases. There are many that will not be listed, but the ones we have selected the one […]

Autoimmune Diseases 1

We will look at autoimmune diseases in this blog and next month’s edition. Over the last 10 years, the types of autoimmune dis-eases have increased and […]


Therapist of the Month – September 2021

Therapist Name: Eboni Markets. Location: London based but delivers. Email: Socials:

Therapist of the Month – August 2021

Therapist name: Roar Food Chef Location: London based but delivers. Email: Socials:

Therapist of the Month – July 2021

Therapist Name: Gillian Bolton (ANutr)Location: Clapham Common, London or online.Email: nutritionist@gillian-bolton.comSocials:

Therapist of the Month – June 2021

Therapist Name: Kay – Raw Vegan Delites. Location: Birmingham based. Email: Socials:

Therapist of the Month – May 2021

Therapist Name: Kay – Raw Vegan Delites. Location: Birmingham based. Email: Socials:

Therapist of the Month – April 2021

Jacqueline Hannam.London based.07813816364.

Therapist of the Month – March 2021

Roar Food Chef London 07939396465

Raw Food Diet

The next four blogs are going to look at food and how it can enhance our health and wellbeing. This edition looks at raw food diet. […]

Therapist of the Month – February 2021

Muna Sound Therapy London based but flexible Tel: 07894585314 Email:
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