200g Organic EU origin Hemp Seeds



These seeds have been sunsum sourced because they are organic, a natural source and highly nutritious. Hemp seeds are known for being alkaline foods that are anti-inflammatory, very high in protein, high in Omega 3 and 6,, rich in vitamin E (a natural antioxidant), calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamins A and  B (important for cellular metabolism).

Not suitable for those with nut/seed allergies.

Store unopened in a dark, dry, cool place or in fridge.

Suitable for freezing.

Best Before End: 06/22.

How to use: Blend/grind hemp seeds and sprinkle on porridge, cereal, soups, stews, salads. Add to 2/3 tablespoons to meals a day.. Blend and bake with them.

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