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Qi Gong to focus on own health needs

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Our past few blog editions have been on focused on calming the mind and body by learning and practices various wellbeing styles like yoga meditation and breathwork. This edition looks at Qi Gong which is used for the same reasons to calm own mind, be present, stimulate energy as well as stretch limbs in a gentle way and enhance wellbeing

Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese practice which is recognised as being a holistic health and wellbeing method. It includes techniques similar to breathwork and Tai Chi (which will feature in the next edition). The practice involves co-ordinating breathing to slow down heart rate and evoke a sense of inner calmness by expressing movement which helps to unwind the body and inspires the mind to be present in the moment (instead of thinking of other things).

This practice is known to be great for body posture because the movement involves balance (which can be developed the more that its done). The calm movements and breathwork can assist in supporting respiratory issues triggered by stress. It’s also a great way to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. The movements and poses calm down the heart which help to lower high blood pressure. Developing co-ordination in practices also develops balancing skills more.

Practicing Qi Gong first thing in the morning is a focused and balanced way to start the day whilst releasing any negative thoughts causing mental distress. It’s also a great way to end a busy day to just release the stress of the day and rebalance own energy. Once the mind is balanced, it’s easier to focus and manage physical issues.

There are many movements to activate the chakras (look into mantras, practicing certain poses to generate calmness or energy flow, soothe pain, stimulate movement in joints and develop muscle). When developing Qi Gong movements, it’s important to be self-aware as to own body needs and the benefits of Qi Gong for self.


TRY THIS! Qi Gong movements and technique remedies




- Learn more about Qi Gong to understand how it may benefit your own health and wellbeing.

- Connect with a Qi Gong practitioner to learn the poses and get support (especially for beginners).

- Start your Qi Gong practice standing with hands in prayer position by your heart chakra to focus mind on breathing.

- Centre yourself and focus on the here and now to be present. Focus on our breathing and breath slower to slow down your heart rate to feel calmer.

- Do some gentle stretching to warm up limbs for the movement poses.

- Movements like bouncing on heels helps to reduce anxiety and stress.


Therapist of the Month

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