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In the modern world, where many live constantly in stressful situations relating to factors such as neglected health and wellbeing, chaotic domestic/home environments, jobs and relationships, high blood pressure is a growing common condition. It is also known as hypertension, because it is over-active physical strain to the body which affects the way blood is circulated around the body that can damage the blood vessels, heart, brain, eyes, kidneys and other organs that are put under pressure. If a person shows unusual chronic symptoms, it is very common for medical practitioners to take the patients’ blood pressure to gauge any blood flow activity. Blood pressure tests are important to identify any dis-orders and to monitor current levels. It is normal for those over 35 to go for blood pressure tests annually or as needed. This condition is linked to genetics, so if it is common in the family, there’s a high risk that it will be easily passed onto future generations, if wellness is not practised.

There are many causes of high blood pressure that are linked to stress and neglecting own wellbeing, these include:

- obesity;

- too much salt in diet;

- not enough nutritious foods and drinks daily;

- excess alcohol or nicotine;

- insomnia;

- lifestyle.

High blood pressure doesn’t always manifest in symptoms but it is important to have at least annual blood pressure tests to monitor levels (home testing kits are available).

Common symptoms that may be linked to high blood pressure are:

- dizziness;

- headaches;

- nausea;

- heart palpitations;

- blood spots in the eyes;

- blurred visions.

If blood pressure is not identified and controlled, this dis-order will develop into dis-ease which may manifest into a debilitating quality of life physically. Even low blood pressure, known as hypotension, may be an issue as it may be linked to other health conditions. According to E-Medicine Health, Secondary Hypertension may be high blood pressure that is linked to other health conditions or dis-eases, such drug or alcohol abuse or thyroid disease.

Organisations like Blood Pressure UK offer resources and support. For general enquiries phone 02078826255 or email: info@bloodpressureuk.org

Be aware that your lifestyle plays a major part in how your body functions so depending on any activity, blood pressure levels change throughout the day.


Try This




TRY THIS!!! Stabilising blood pressure remedies

- Remove salt from your diet, which is easily found in processed and ready meals.

- Use relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or sound therapy to slow heart rate and manage stress.

- Drinking cherry juice as its rich in phenolic acid, which stabilises blood pressure. Be aware that concentrate cherry juice is stronger.

- Drink warm lemon water.

- Eat raw garlic.

- Add cayenne pepper to your food or warm drinks.

The above remedies can be used as preventative solutions. Keep yourself strong so you don’t need to fix yourself!


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