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“I am my mind, body, energy and spirit. I will nourish all elements with the best to be my best”.

This monthly blog will offer insights about health issues, holistic remedies and practitioners. Investment in self development enhances whole wellbeing.

All of the content in this blog is based on experiences, own knowledge or research. The blog content is not medical instruction. If you are already having medical treatment and wish to try any of the remedies, we suggest that you discuss it with your GP. Please note that conventional medicine does not promote holistic or natural remedies.

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Love Yourself from the Inside Out

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The concept of self-love is revealed in the phrase used and focuses on loving self. Some may see getting certain activities, such as getting hair styled, buying new clothes, a manicure or pedicure, as self-care. We are going to be looking at self-care from a health and wellbeing perspective that focuses on inner self rather than outer self.

Inner self care is not a natural human trait, it is a learned process that is stimulated by spending time alone, getting to know self, understanding needs, making time for self, checking in or reflecting with self, knowing what self needs, providing opportunities and taking action to care about self.

It’s important to consciously take care of self so that mental, physical and spiritual health can be maintained so that self can be at best. It also reflects self-worth.

Sometimes it seems easier to focus on external happenings rather than dealing with inner issues, but by doing this, self ends up being neglected and treated as secondary when really self needs to be primary because when own health is at its best then others get the best of that and that energy is passed on.

Self-love gives its host the skills to be able to identify, set up reinforced boundaries or standards, which are needed to build self-worth and enhance own health wellbeing. Self-love is about taking responsibility for own mental, physical and spiritual health. It’s about looking for validation from inner self, rather than from others.

Without self-care, it allows mental, physical and spiritual health to deteriorate, which may manifest into self-hate. This will not only have a negative effect on self, but on relationships as well.

Love yourself! Love others!

A balance of self- love, care and worth will increase self-esteem, belief and confidence, especially when it’s added as a priority in own lifestyle. It is often those who are so focused on caring for others, that they forget to take care of self. Make your health a priority. Nurture yourself, so you understand your needs and find ways to manifest them.

Self-love is not one fits all. Every person’s needs are unique and specific to own health, lifestyle or relationship. You can only get the best out of yourself, when you know, love and trust yourself.


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Show yourself some love

- Appreciate your accomplishments and appreciate the lessons learned from each experience.

- Use affirmation cards to uplift your mind, body and spirit. Great way to start the day focused and positive. We recommend this platform that sell affirmation cards, https://www.pocketsofspace.co.uk/.

- Make time to sit in silence for five minutes everyday to remove any distractions, meditate and reconnect with self to assess needs.

- Identify and adopt self- care practices that compliment your needs to be your best.

- Recognise your divine gifts, nurture and celebrate them, regardless of others. When you believe in your self, others will believe in you.

- Remove any negative toxic, sabotaging people, energy or practices from your life because they will hold you back from being your best.


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