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Vibrational Energy

Sound therapy


The universe is made up of energy, whether it be molecules, atoms, light, heat, sound or movement, but this feature will look at the power of vibrations to form energy, therapy and healing. Every matter that forms energy is a result of cause and effect.

Over time, vibrational sound has been studied to understand how it influences, individuals, humanity, species, nature and the universe. Many faiths use the vibrational sounds of mantra and prayer to form meditative vibrations that open the mind. It also manifests through vocals (song, speech) and can create a mood or trigger emotion, which is why it’s important that the power of vibration is understood so it can be used as a guide to uplift self and others on a mindful and conscious level.

Creating vibrations to make sound and form energy happens in nearly everything we do because it can be expressed as noise or as tranquil, depending on own focus and state of mind. All outer vibrations (like language or movement) affect inner vibrations (relating to the mind, body and spirit).

A lot of vibrations actually produce sounds that are transmitted without the average person being aware of it. Many may use vibrations unconsciously to project own focus, without understanding that those vibrations passed on may affect another person’s moods, emotions and actions, whether it be stimulating joy or anger.

To have some understanding of the power of vibrations we need to understand the frequencies which are sound or movement waves that occur at one time and are determined by speed, pitch, tone and current state.

There are some who believe that the electromagnetic frequencies which carry certain vibrations can be used for boosting mental, physical and spiritual health as well as healing because the sound synthesises with inner cells and body systems.

When self is in a meditative frame of mind, sound can stimulate the whole self to be fully present and connected to it. Higher frequencies raise vibrational energy, which also opens consciousness and allows self to be fully present in the moment, which in turn will stimulate uplifting, positive and vibrant health (mentally, physically and spiritually).

Vibrational therapy allows the body to heal by unblocking any energy so that it flows in an uplifting way that can reduce stress, anxiety or inflammation, improve blood pressure and circulation. It rebalances holistic harmony and chakras by re-connecting to whole self, aids sleep, improves mental clarity and stimulates energy,

There are many powerful uplifting frequencies that can uplift own vibrations to be healthier and these include nature, music (of a certain ambient, rhythmic, meditative frequency), laughter, smiling and mindful body and speech language.

Sound therapy is about consciously seeking and connecting to sounds or frequencies that open up own mind, bring a sense of calmness and to learn how to control or enhance own energy.

The popularity of sound bath sessions is on the rise because even in a group setting, it’s a very personal experience that allows self to be still, be present, meditate and be in a total state of relaxation once self has tuned into the frequency. In these sessions. The sound therapist will play rhythmical, ambient music (based on known healing frequency), may use own vocals to create a meditative soundscape or stimulate singing sound bowls by rubbing them to create vibrations or sounds that are meditative, relaxing and healing.

What will you do consciously today to uplift your vibrations and share that guiding energy with others?


TRY THIS! Vibrational Energy remedies




TRY THIS! Vibrational Energy remedies

- Breathing meditation is a great way to control on heart rate, clear mind and be fully present to bring a sense of calmness to self and environment.

- Start your day reciting an uplifting and inspiring affirmation to focus your mind and energy into what you need to be your best.

- Mantras are often used to condition mindset to think, believe and feel a certain positive mood or emotion which will enhance own health.

- Laughter yoga releases happy hormones which uplift moods. It is great to improve circulation and support immune system.

- Participate in a sound bath session to connect with self by connecting to vibrations and being in a meditative state.

- Find a quiet space or wear headphones to be still and listen to rhythmic beats at the frequency of about 963Hz, 528Hz, 432Hz (there are relevant videos on YouTube) to restore your peace of mind and energy.


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