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Therapist of the Month – April 2022
TRY THIS! Holistic Lifestyle Remedies

Healthy living is about not just using health solutions as needed (yoga, massage, plant-based diet), but its about embracing a healthy lifestyle to nurture your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Living holistically is about connecting to your whole being and self to live consciously and authentically. Each of us have different needs depending on our lifestyle and health, so its important to know self, so that you know your own needs and nourish your self to live healthily.

The mind, body, spirit and emotions are all interconnected but if you take care of one, the others will be taken care of. There is no one fits all solution and diversity is needed to nurture al of your elements. For example, eating healthily and consciously (knowing why you are eating selected food and how it feeds your body) will nourish your mind (in relation to your moods) and your internal body systems but will not nourish your external body, so exercise is needed to do this. Spiritual health is my about harnessing mental practices such as prayer and meditation, as well as believed concepts relating to faith, religion, mindfulness or beliefs.

Understanding the importance of mental health allows for positive coping strategies to be put in place in own lives to deal with emotions so that instead of reacting to situations, self can respond to situations consciously with an understanding of why. With this, being able to regulate own emotions is part of this mental health process because it’s our thoughts that make self-emotional and control our actions.

When self controls emotions, instead of emotions controlling self, this is stemmed in mindfulness and allows self to make decisions consciously and in a balanced, objective way.

Our physical health is about not just maintaining our external body (appearance) through exercise, but our internal body as well through healthy eating habits, such as alkaline or plant- based diets. Even just selecting foods consciously to feed own body has an empowering effect on self and is part of self-care practice.

If own spiritual health is not embraced, it can have a detrimental effect on own mind, emotions and body. Being spiritual is not necessarily about being religious but it is about believing in a higher power, connecting the spiritual to your soul, understanding own beliefs in and why, as well as making time alone every day to connect to higher self through prayer, meditation and affirmations to live with focused purpose.

Holistic health is about connecting with self as needed every day and making a commitment to consciously be selective in choices made to enhance own lifestyle to be the best version of self. Of course, this is not a practice that is consistent as the most valuable insight is that self can learn something new about self and adapt as necessary to always try to do better. Exercise, healthy eating, selecting only energies which uplift vibrations, spending time alone and nurturing spaces that bring peace to self are all part of a holistic lifestyle and self-care.

Know your mind! Know your emotions! Know your spirit! Know your body. Know yourself.

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