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TRY THIS! Superfoods to enhance your health remedies

“Superfoods” are a modern trend relating to highly nutritious, wholesome foods that are usually exotic or less commonly available. There are a vast choice of relevant foods that can be used to boost the immune system, increase energy levels, as preventive medicine, and as part of a healthy lifestyle. These foods tend to have various nutrition contents that are above average in some way, such as specific vitamins and minerals. They are a great way to consciously select foods that will boost your mind and body in what ever it is lacking. It also helps users get to know what it is own body and mind needs to sustain wellbeing.

Superfoods offer a lot of health benefits and can be used as a preventative measure to sustain positive heave as well as alleviate any chronic dis-orders, pains and symptoms. The most nutrition is extracted from the superfood when it is eaten raw (if possible) and not overcooked.

The types of superfoods spread across most food types like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts or fish. Examples are:

  • acai berries (contains about 19 amino acids; antioxidants, fibre,
  • goji berries (vitamin A, C, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, selenium);
  • collard greens (high in vitamin K, A, C, fibre);
  • kale (vitamin K, A, C, calcium. Small amounts of manganese, copper, and vitamin B6);
  • quinoa (vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, fibre protein, calcium, iron);
  • millet (vitamin B, protein, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese);
  • walnuts (high levels of iron, manganese, zinc, vitamin E, antioxidants);
  • brazil nuts (which contains high levels of selenium, copper, vitamin E, manganese);
  • chia seeds (High in fibre omega 3, protein, magnesium, zinc);
  • sardines (High in omega 3, protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, D, E, magnesium, zinc, potassium);
  • mackerel (High in omega 3, 6, vitamin B12, D, B1, B6);
  • dark chocolate (higher cacao content means more antioxidants, flavanols, manganese, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc. Traces of vitamin K, selenium, calcium).
    Nutrition values taken from

It’s important to pay attention to the daily intake value and know maximum intake advised from a reliable source. It’s better to add superfoods to other foods as a whole wellbeing diet, rather than just focusing on one food. Superfoods need to be eaten in moderation, so the body systems are not overwhelmed. You just need to balance your body, not overload it.

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