TRY THIS! Muscle aches, joints pain and sciatica remedies

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Therapist of the Month – October 2020

TRY THIS Muscle Aches and Joint Pains/Sciatica –

  • Hot bath with Epsom/bath salts to detox the body
  • CBD bath bombs to relax the muscles, like Somnio CBD Bath Bomb Eucalyptus & Peppermint 35mg CBD 
  • Seeds as anti-inflammatory – flaxseeds/linseeds; hemp seeds. Blender the whole seeds and add to breakfast cereals or porridge, soups, stews, etc
  • Gentle stretching to assess pain and exercise limbs. Sit on a chair swing legs or/and arms out repeatedly, start low and lift higher when possible. Count how many times routine is completed and keep a journal.
  • Design your own fitness programme using the FIT formula and keep a record of:

F – Frequency of when exercise is done;

I – – Intensity, fitness levels – gentle, medium hard

T – Time it takes to complete exercise every time

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For support, there are online platforms, like Health Unlocked. which allow specific health condition associations to set up own forums and discuss issues, symptoms or treatments between its members.

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