Autoimmune Diseases 2

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In this blog we continue to look at autoimmune diseases. There are many that will not be listed, but the ones we have selected the one we are aware of like:
• Multiple Sclerosis involves the immune cells, which can damage or destroy myelin causing inflammation to the central nervous system (the spinal cord, optic nerves and brain). Symptoms involve difficulty with motor skills (walking co-ordination), visual problems, bowel problems and weakness;

• Type 1 diabetes relates to the body not producing insulin so the blood glucose levels are too high and need to be controlled. Symptoms include blurred vision, extreme appetite, frequent urination;

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E) is a condition that causes extreme tiredness due to a weakened immune system. Symptoms include memory loss, muscle pain and headaches;

• Sarcoidosis relates to clumped cells in the body to make lumps anywhere in the body, but commonly in the lungs, lymph glands, nervous system and senses. Symptoms can manifest as swollen glands, sweats, abnormal heart rhythm and chest pain;

• Addison’s disease is a rare disorder that happens in the body because hormones like cortisol, aldosterone are not produced. Symptoms may be abdominal pain, joint or muscle pain, weight loss and darkened lips;

• Autoimmune hepatitis is a rare condition that attacks and inflames the liver. Symptoms are unusual blood vessel markings on skin, jaundice and skin rashes.

Other autoimmune diseases can be identified via
The main factors that all of the autoimmune dis-orders tend to have in common are weakened, dis-ordered immune systems that attack own various organs or joints in the body, distorted thinking from lack of concentration or memory loss, inflammation in joints or organs, aches and pains, fatigue, fever or night sweats as well as hair loss.

If any of the symptoms manifest in your body, this means there is dis-order in your spirit, affecting your mind and manifesting in your body. Make time to calm your spirit, raise your vibrations and think positive thoughts by identifying solutions and not just problems, regardless of situation always ask yourself “what/how can I make my life better? What will I do today to make these positive changes?”.

By calming your spirit and mind, you can tune into your body and focus on the symptoms to feed it what’s needed to heal. For example, If you are always tired, are you lacking iron, protein or Vitamin D? If you have inflammation in joints, do you need to eat more fish, omega 3, nuts and seeds? (which are anti-inflammatory).

Remember to make your mind, body and spirit a priority, invest in yourself so you can be your best.

Know yourself! Know your body!

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