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Therapist of the Month – November 2020
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There’s a saying that “your body is a temple” that is often used as a metaphor to be thankful, grateful and treat own body with respect but in the modern world where we don’t always make conscious food choices because food can be used to comfort in times of stress and loneliness and the most accessible food is convenient or junk food (processed), it’s easy to forget that we are what we eat and this causes health issues within the body, without us realising until it manifests.

The concept of diet doesn’t just relate to weight loss but to eating a balanced combination of foods, both are focused on making conscious decisions about what to eat and drink and why. Are you a conscious eater? If so, how? If not, why not?

Eating a balanced diet can be used as a preventative action to enhance a healthy body when it is understood how the food will nourish your body. Sometimes, we can forget to make time to eat fresh, wholesome, energising, healing food because we don’t make the time to research or source our food, create a recipe schedule or find the time to cook homemade meals.
Our modern world is very demanding and makes it easier to put others needs before own. Eating healthily is not one fits all, every person’s body has different needs and its important to be able to assess symptoms or learn about what nutrients own body needs and why. Also, it important to remember that all foods, even healthy ones, need to be eating in moderation because too much of a good thing can overwork the relevant areas of the body’s systems.

Anyone with bad eating habits can make better choices, if lifestyle changes are simplified so it is easier to identify what works for self and what doesn’t work. Making such changes can be a long-term element of self -development. And “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” until it becomes a natural integration of every- day life. Of course, eating a healthy diet can manage weight, but it can also manage a healthy mind. It is true that some foods can affect your mood. If energising food is being eaten, then moods will be more uplifting which will develop positive thoughts and thinking that will stimulate own body to be stable and active.

Oddly enough the most common foods used for comfort are full of preservatives and sugar which offer short term fixes but can cause long term health problems like Type 2 diabetes. Research has shown that eating foods like berries or nuts can lower the risk of dementia and strengthen brain health.

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