Aroma as Therapy

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Aromatherapy focuses on using natural scents, like essential oils, for the senses to invoke moods, emotions, release stress or anxiety to rebalance the mind, body and spirit, which makes it a holistic approach to enhance mental, physical, spiritual and energy health. It is a form of alternative or complementary medicine. It can be used as a remedy, treatment or preventative. Therapy is about reconnecting to own self, reflecting on the causes and finding inner peace by using techniques that are fit for purpose. invoke moods and soothe certain ailments. It is the essence of the plants that are powerful.

Essential oils are made globally and depending on where the flowers grow naturally. Even though they are called “oils”, they are not actual oils because they are fatty acid free. Essential oils are natural fragrances as opposed to perfumed ones. The safest way to use essential oils on the skin is to mix them with a carrier oil as a blend then add to other products to make a remedy, such as massage oil.

There are many types of essential oils and each has its own remedy power that can be used to soothe or stimulate the mind, body and spirit like:

– Lavender (depression, panic, insomnia, relaxation, stings, acne or wounds).

– Eucalyptus (clears airways, migraine, fevers, asthma, cold or arthritis).

– Cinnamon (soothes respiratory tract infection, arthritis, exhaustion or depression).

– Tea Tree (soothes wounds, gingivitis fever, cold, opens airways and stimulates the skin).

– Clove (may reverse tuberculosis, bronchitis, soothes chest infections, burns and sores).

– Ginger (soothes colds, coughs, fevers, nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and sores).

– Chamomile (soothes pain, throat infections. relaxes mind and body).

– Peppermint (stimulates and clears the mind, migraine. Clears airways and chest infections. Soothes sunburn).

– Sweet Orange (Stimulates the mind, refreshing and uplifts mood).

– Sandalwood (relaxes nerves, soothes chronic illness or bladder infections. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial).

In the midst of feeling pain (mentally or physically), it’s easy to feel like self has no control, especially if it’s out of control or a random pain, but there is a cause to every consequence. Emotions are a mental energy linked to the body and triggered negative emotions can have a negative effect on mind and thinking. Aromatherapy has the power to stimulate senses such as smell and touch.

There are many ways to use Essential Oils in this holistic practice. They are used in skincare because they nourish and stimulate cells as well as soothe aches, pains and skin conditions. Other outputs include adding essential oils to diffusers, steam inhalators or room fresheners.

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