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Therapist of the Month – November 2021
TRY THIS! Immune boosting remedies

Many of us are aware that our immune system protects us from viruses and infection, but are not quite sure how self can strengthen own immune systems consciously.

Every one of us have an immune system, which is a body function that connects white blood cells, organs, proteins and produce antibodies to fight against foreign invaders, like viruses, infections and disease. Disorders in the immune system can trigger autoimmune issues, dis-eases and immune dis-orders.

In a normal immune system, any virus or infection that enters the immune system is recorded by memory cells so the body knows to fight it off when it tries to penetrate the immune system. It is the white blood cells that flow through the blood and tissues in the body protecting again any dis-orders and dis-ease. There are many cells that make up a white blood cell. Many parts make up the immune system and these include white blood cells, proteins (antibodies), bone marrow, thymus, complement system, lymphatic system and spleen. Some organs are connected to the immune system which communicate to each other via the digestive tract which both relate to gut health practices, the lungs which use small hairs to clear mucous and force host to cough up phlegm. Skin and body fluids also release antibacterial properties. When a virus or infection enters our system, the body defends itself and manifests in symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, pain or fever. This is when the host knows that there is dis-order in own body.

It is important to maintain and build up the immune system so it remains strong enough to destroy viruses, infections and diseases. There are many factors which damage your immune system, such as, stress – too many of us are stress without knowing it and living off stress hormones, like cortisol, which become part of the hosts lifestyle and causes dis-order in the immune system as well as heart dis-ease. Smoking, alcohol, eating sugar excessively will poison the immune system. Eating fatty, processed foods drains the gut microbiome which is also linked to immune system.

Maintaining or building up immune system is a lot more complicated for individuals who live with autoimmune diseases or immunodeficiencies because the immune system is in dis-order. Everyone needs to learn and understand what own body needs because health practices, remedies or treatments are not one fits all, even if two people live with the same dis-order, the effects may be different. There are many factors to take into consideration when building up your immune system. A holistic approach is about promoting your own health and wellbeing by practising a well-balanced diet that offers nutrients specific to self, removing stress, self-care and embracing therapeutic practices like having counselling, massages and exercise.

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