TRY THIS! Pain Control Remedies

Pain Control as Therapy
Therapist of the Month – July 2022

– Identify triggers of pain and keep a diary to note when symptoms present in body, include the date, time issue and reflect on what has happened earlier that date and comment on possible triggers which may be linked to factors such as diet, foods, excess exercise, unstable relationships.

– Remember that negative thinking may cause more pain (mentally or physically) so change your thinking to positive. Practicing gratitude and focusing on being present to reverse thinking about pain.

– Make time to just be still and connect with self. This can be done using meditation, yoga or guided imagery.

– Learn self-hypnosis techniques to relax own mind and visualise being pain free. This can be done using affirmation to calm the mind. For example, “I am calm and relaxed”, “I am now in a deep state of relaxation and going deeper and deeper”.

– Mindfulness meditation techniques are great for calming the mind, removing feelings of stress and releasing tension or pain from own body.

– Parts therapy can be used to reveal unresolved traumas, thinking or inner conflicts, this is based on connecting with own conscious mind and understanding parts of own personality that will be connected to the cause of dis-order.

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