Pain Control as Therapy

Therapist of the Month – June 2022
TRY THIS! Pain Control Remedies

At some part in own life, each of us will suffer from pain, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual. This usually reveals itself by manifesting in symptoms and it has been normalised to focus on how to control the pain, rather than to understand the cause of the pain and deal with that by removing it as part of a lifestyle choice rather than a quick fix.

The holistic approach to control pain is to understand the mind, body and spirit connection in relation to the physical human biology functions and how this is linked to the mind, emotions and moods. It has been recognised that when the mind is stressed or under pressure that it causes the body to reflect this and manifests in pain, which is usually debilitating in some way and causes unbalance.

Living a stress filled life will eventually cause dis-order in the body which may present itself as aches, pains, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea or blood clotting. Knowing the triggers that cause such reactions makes it easier to remove them to rebalance the mind, body and spirit.

There are techniques that can be used to calm the mind in stressful times, such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, mindfulness or guided imagery, but prevention is better than cure so these strategies can be used as part of a lifestyle rather than just a remedy. Being able to connect with mind, also communicates and connects with the body. Negative thoughts cause tension in the body so reframing a negative mind to be positive may have relaxing and calming effect on the body. Pain in the body is a signal that the body is out of balance and there is dis-order in the mind or body, so it’s important to make time to reflect why. Doing this, also gives the host an opportunity to reconnect with self and learn how to regulate own mind, emotions and moods, which may regulate the body, as the nervous system is connected to the brain.

In the midst of feeling pain (mentally or physically), it’s easy to feel like self has no control, especially if it’s out of control or a random pain, but there is a cause to every consequence. Emotions are a mental energy linked to the body and triggered negative emotions can have a negative effect on mind and thinking.

Understanding the causes of pain allows for the issues to be dealt with or removed for lifestyle and thoughts, which will aid the body to rebalance. Also, it is important to understand any triggers to place positive coping strategies in place. Common mental dis-orders that can manifest in pain include loss, depression, unhappy relationships, betrayal, jealousy, low self-esteem, exhaustion and hopelessness.

In this modern world, too many are so focused on moving forward that self may not know the importance of just being still (physically and mentally), the value of checking in with self and regulating own emotions. Unresolved dramas and (post) traumatic stress disorders can have a negative impact on thinking which travels through the body and can cause inflammation or nerve pain, so the saying this person “is getting on my nerves” can actually manifest as a real pain (mentally and physically) like headache, back ache or spasms. Some believe that unresolved emotions can impact joints, muscles, cells or organs. Internalising emotions cause internalised issues which manifest in pain.

To be connected to self, is to be connected to mind and body. To improve any situation in life, the cause reveals the real issues so that the relevant solutions are put in place. This mindset can also be used for pain control as a therapy.

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