TRY THIS! Mindfulness practice remedies

Therapist of the Month – June 2022

– Make time to connect with own senses (smell, sight, hearing, touch, taste) through mental visualisation to replace the distorted thinking with more uplifting, gentle ones and be connected to self. With practice, a great way to do this is to visualise or use foods, smells, colours, objects and also sound to invoke uplifting, positive thinking or emotions.

– Be still and quiet so you can allow your mind to connect with your body and spirit. Acknowledge what you are thinking, how your body feels or your current mood. Think about what may be the cause and decide to release that cause mentally and in reality, to release the tension in mind and body.

– Mindful eating is a practice that self needs to embrace to maintain good health by making conscious choices that will feed the mind and body to remain balance. Some foods, like too much sugar or salt, can cause mental, physical and hormonal reactions. Make time to eat slowly, enjoy how your senses connect with the food eaten, be still and quiet. Everything in moderation!

– Use deep breathing to reframe your thinking, moods and emotions. This technique actually slows own heart down to avoid triggering any stress hormones or adrenaline which cause self to react. This will give self the opportunity to reflect and respond.

– Body scan mindfulness involves being still, clearing mind and connecting to own body to check in on mind, body and spirit status. This can be done by closing own eyes and being focused on deep breathing patterns (for minimum of 5 minutes).

– Mediation and yoga are also practices that can combine mindfulness to guide users to be fully present in the moment and connected to self.

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