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Herbal medicine vs Conventional medicine

Herbal medicine is also known as herbalism that focuses on using the active ingredients in plants (like the roots, flowers, leaves, buds, seeds) to heal, soothe […]


“Superfoods” are a modern trend relating to highly nutritious, wholesome foods that are usually exotic or less commonly available. There are a vast choice of relevant […]

Plant based diet

Thinking of what a plant- based diet is seems self-explanatory but knowing what it involves is more intricate in detail. The diet contents and ingredients are […]

Akaline vs Acid Foods

Evidence has identified the importance of monitoring how many alkaline or acid foods are ingested. What are alkaline foods? These naturally sourced whole foods that are […]


A real vegetarian is one who only eats fruit, vegetables, pulses or seeds, and not meat or fish. Sometimes, this diet is in place out of […]

Gluten Intolerance

This blog will remove the mysticism behind gluten free, we will look at what gluten intolerance is and how gluten free products can stabilise those symptoms […]


There are many reasons to adopt a vegan diet, some understand the (health) benefits of a plant-based diet, or decide to make more ethical choices to […]

High Blood Pressure

In the modern world, where many live constantly in stressful situations relating to factors such as neglected health and wellbeing, chaotic domestic/home environments, jobs and relationships, […]


Diabetes is a health condition that causes blood glucose levels to be unstable and is dangerous if it is too high. The source of this blood […]

Food and Moods

There’s a saying that “your body is a temple” that is often used as a metaphor to be thankful, grateful and treat own body with respect […]

Autoimmune Diseases 2

In this blog we continue to look at autoimmune diseases. There are many that will not be listed, but the ones we have selected the one […]

Autoimmune Diseases 1

We will look at autoimmune diseases in this blog and next month’s edition. Over the last 10 years, the types of autoimmune dis-eases have increased and […]


TRY THIS! Medicinal herbal remedies

Attend a foraging or herbalism walk to learn about the medicinal plants in your locality. Join a foraging or herbalism group facilitated by an expert and […]

TRY THIS! Superfoods to enhance your health remedies

Assess your body and find out which nutrients you are lacking, then find out which superfoods you can try to boost your needs. Look at this […]

TRY THIS! Plant-based remedies

Vegan foods not only nourish the inner body and mind, but it can nourish the skin and hair as well. To moisture skin, try using natural […]

TRY THIS! Alkaline Diet advice remedies

Learn about how about Alkaline diet can enhance your health. Look at an alkaline and acid diet plan to understand food categories. Source and cook at […]

TRY This! Vegetarian diet guidance remedies

– Identify seven of your favourite vegetarian meals and add to diet plan. – Plan and cook a 7 day vegetarian dishes 1 meal a day […]

TRY THIS! Gluten Intolerance remedies.

– Get tested to find out gluten tolerances levels. – Simplify diet and add gluten free products to observe if there’s a difference in own health. […]

TRY THIS! Transition to Veganism remedies

Introduce vegan meals or dishes into your diet so the change is a transition. Learn about the natural, wholesome foods you eat. How do the food […]

TRY THIS! Unprocessed body and wellbeing remedies.

Upgrade your diet, remove processed foods from your diet; Cut down sugar from your foods; Add raw food dishes to every meal to start the diet; […]

TRY THIS! Stabilising blood pressure remedies

Remove salt from your diet, which is easily found in processed and ready meals. Use relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or sound therapy to slow […]
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