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Chakra Healing

Chakra healing has been selected for this feature so we look at how understanding the functions of own chakras can enhance healing and energy. The word […]

Colour and Mood Connection

Mood can be stimulated, depleted and balanced by certain forces and energies like negative or positive matters, smells, images and colours. This feature will look at […]

Aroma as Therapy

Aromatherapy focuses on using natural scents, like essential oils, for the senses to invoke moods, emotions, release stress or anxiety to rebalance the mind, body and […]

Pain Control as Therapy

At some part in own life, each of us will suffer from pain, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual. This usually reveals itself by manifesting […]


Mindfulness is a holistic practice that has become more common over recent decades. It includes techniques that guides users to rebalance the mind, embrace conscious thinking […]

Healthy Living

Healthy living is about not just using health solutions as needed (yoga, massage, plant-based diet), but its about embracing a healthy lifestyle to nurture your mental, […]

Seasonal Foods

To maintain good health through the seasons, it’s important to learn and use foods available that grow naturally in each season. We will look at seasonal […]

Seasonal Health

The change in seasons and weather in the UK can have an effect on own health. Seasonal change can affect our moods and have been recognised […]

Healthy Gut Bacteria

The gut is the gastrointestinal tract which is a long tube from the mouth to the anus. It processes the food eaten via the digestive system. […]

Gut Health Connection

Gut health is an underrated health philosophy and science that deserves more attention because it is linked to own immune system, nervous system and emotions. It […]

Build up your immune system

Many of us are aware that our immune system protects us from viruses and infection, but are not quite sure how self can strengthen own immune […]

Clinical Trials: Risk or Success?

What is a clinical trial? It consists of a scientific research investigation that compares selected treatments to assess how it affects participants mentally and physically. Such […]


Chakra Healing remedies

TRY THIS! Chakra stimulating remedies – Eat plants foods that will energise you as they absorbed natural light to grow. Add one of each of the […]

TRY THIS! Mood enhancing remedies

– Think about what moods/energies you need in your daily life and at what times, then select clothes from the colour psychology palette to stimulate that […]

TRY THIS! Sensory stimulation remedies

– For an aromatherapy facial, in a glass jar mix some 20ml aloe vera gel with 5 drops Tea Tree essential oil and 50ml olive oil, […]

TRY THIS! Pain Control Remedies

– Identify triggers of pain and keep a diary to note when symptoms present in body, include the date, time issue and reflect on what has […]

TRY THIS! Mindfulness practice remedies

– Make time to connect with own senses (smell, sight, hearing, touch, taste) through mental visualisation to replace the distorted thinking with more uplifting, gentle ones […]

TRY THIS! Holistic Lifestyle Remedies

– Spend time with yourself to identify what you need. – Nurture alone time to be about connecting with self to assess own mind, body and […]

TRY THIS! Using Seasonal Food Remedies

– Assess own health and body in each season to identify what self lacks and needs. For example, in the winter, vitamin D deficiency is common […]

TRY THIS! Seasonal Health Remedies

TRY THIS! Healthy Seasonal Remedies – Go for daily walks during the daytime to uplift mood and get some exercise. – To prevent hay fever, try […]

TRY THIS! Healthy Gut Remedies

– A plant-based diet is believed by some to build gut bacteria and prevent inflammation as well as treat autoimmune diseases, for weight loss and heart […]
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