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Seasonal Foods

To maintain good health through the seasons, it’s important to learn and use foods available that grow naturally in each season. We will look at seasonal […]

Seasonal Health

The change in seasons and weather in the UK can have an effect on own health. Seasonal change can affect our moods and have been recognised […]

Healthy Gut Bacteria

The gut is the gastrointestinal tract which is a long tube from the mouth to the anus. It processes the food eaten via the digestive system. […]

Gut Health Connection

Gut health is an underrated health philosophy and science that deserves more attention because it is linked to own immune system, nervous system and emotions. It […]

Build up your immune system

Many of us are aware that our immune system protects us from viruses and infection, but are not quite sure how self can strengthen own immune […]

Clinical Trials: Risk or Success?

What is a clinical trial? It consists of a scientific research investigation that compares selected treatments to assess how it affects participants mentally and physically. Such […]

Herbal medicine vs Conventional medicine

Herbal medicine is also known as herbalism that focuses on using the active ingredients in plants (like the roots, flowers, leaves, buds, seeds) to heal, soothe […]


“Superfoods” are a modern trend relating to highly nutritious, wholesome foods that are usually exotic or less commonly available. There are a vast choice of relevant […]

Plant based diet

Thinking of what a plant- based diet is seems self-explanatory but knowing what it involves is more intricate in detail. The diet contents and ingredients are […]

Akaline vs Acid Foods

Evidence has identified the importance of monitoring how many alkaline or acid foods are ingested. What are alkaline foods? These naturally sourced whole foods that are […]


A real vegetarian is one who only eats fruit, vegetables, pulses or seeds, and not meat or fish. Sometimes, this diet is in place out of […]

Gluten Intolerance

This blog will remove the mysticism behind gluten free, we will look at what gluten intolerance is and how gluten free products can stabilise those symptoms […]


TRY THIS! Using Seasonal Food Remedies

– Assess own health and body in each season to identify what self lacks and needs. For example, in the winter, vitamin D deficiency is common […]

TRY THIS! Seasonal Health Remedies

TRY THIS! Healthy Seasonal Remedies – Go for daily walks during the daytime to uplift mood and get some exercise. – To prevent hay fever, try […]

Therapist of the Month – February 2022

Shirley Powell – Your Life In Your Hands Location: Ipswich Contact Number: 07932249497 Email: Website: Socials:

TRY THIS! Healthy Gut Remedies

– A plant-based diet is believed by some to build gut bacteria and prevent inflammation as well as treat autoimmune diseases, for weight loss and heart […]

TRY THIS! Gut Health Stimulating Remedies

– Deep, slow belly breathing can stimulate the healthy function of the vagus nerve. – Dandelion Root can be used as a gentle laxative for constipation. […]

TRY THIS! Immune boosting remedies

– Meditation and yoga are great ways to balance the mind and connect to self. – There are many foods that boost the immune system including […]

Try This! Clinic trial advice

– Find approved clinic trial sources. – Get into the habit of doing own clinical research to understand the effects of selected herbal or conventional medicine. […]

TRY THIS! Medicinal herbal remedies

Attend a foraging or herbalism walk to learn about the medicinal plants in your locality. Join a foraging or herbalism group facilitated by an expert and […]

TRY THIS! Superfoods to enhance your health remedies

Assess your body and find out which nutrients you are lacking, then find out which superfoods you can try to boost your needs. Look at this […]
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