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Plant based haircare

Modern society offers consumers a wide range of hair products that claim to develop hair care in one way or another. It’s important to read the […]

The Power of Collagen

We believe so much in its benefits that we made it our signature range. Its benefits are far more than just for skin – It strengthens […]

Allergy Types

This edition will look at allergies and identify the various types and symptoms. An allergy can be defined as the way the immune system rejects a […]

Foot Health and Reflexology

The foot is one of the most used parts of the body, but the last to receive holistic care until it manifests in pain. Pedicures and […]

Massage as a Healing Therapy

Professional massage is a practice that can be done using different techniques. Every varied practice is focused on healing or using deep stroking, tapping or rubbing […]

Ayurveda to maintain health

Ayurveda is an alternative medical system that uses diet, nutrition, lifestyle and herbs to maintain or repair health. It is a holistic approach that embraces the […]

Herbs for Health

There are many ways that plants can aid good health by being ingested, inhaled or topically on skin. There are many plants that maintain and heal […]

Feed your mind, body, spirit. Feed your potential

To get the best out of your mind, body and spirit, it is important to understand that all three are linked to each other by energy […]

Love Yourself from the Inside Out

The concept of self-love is revealed in the phrase used and focuses on loving self. Some may see getting certain activities, such as getting hair styled, […]

Self development strategies

Life coaching is very much a part of self-development. It can also focus on achieving goals, building positive relationships or self-esteem. The most important relationship that […]

Vibrational Energy

The universe is made up of energy, whether it be molecules, atoms, light, heat, sound or movement, but this feature will look at the power of […]

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing has been selected for this feature so we look at how understanding the functions of own chakras can enhance healing and energy. The word […]


TRY THIS! Plant based hair care remedies

– Find out your hair type and research plants that will stimulate as needed. – Research how to use the plants for haircare. – Look at […]

TRY THIS! Collagen remedies

– Add Collagen to your diet. Purer Mama have a range to meet own needs. – Collagen powder can be added to facial and body […]

TRY THIS! Allergy natural remedies

– Locally produced honey added to food and drink are likely to build up immune to local pollen. – Drink chamomile, dandelion or nettle tea so […]

TRY THIS! Foot Health Remedies

– Make time to soak your feet in a bowel of warm water with added essential oil and carrier blend. – Go to a foot therapist […]

TRY THIS! Massage Solution Remedies

– When you understand your body, you can give yourself massages to relieve pain and essential oils formulas are great to use for body rubs and […]

TRY THIS! Ayurveda for health remedies

– Drinking lemon water in the morning (through a straw to protect teeth enamel) on an empty stomach will aid digestion and help immune system to […]

TRY THIS! Herbs for Life remedies

– Using the herbs given above, make them as a tea to aid any ailments. – Add herbs to your food. Try using them on cooked […]

TRY THIS! Mind, body, spirit enhancing remedies

– Start your day with positive affitrmation or mantra to inspire self throught the day. – Listen to High Vibrational music and connect to self and […]

TRY THIS! Show Yourself Some Love Remedies

– Appreciate your accomplishments and appreciate the lessons learned from each experience. – Use affirmation cards to uplift your mind, body and spirit. Great way to […]
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